I’m Dimple Sthankiya and I ran a successful yoga business which I sold a few years ago.  I’m now on venture number two which is another yoga inspired business, more of a lifestyle business, but it’s basically making health and wellness more accessible to more people. 

So first of all KPMG’s, small business accounting service has saved me a ton of time.  I used to spend a lot of time, on an on-going basis, to make sure that I’d done all the bookkeeping stuff with my previous accountant.  But now I just take a photo with an app, it automatically gets fed through and it just saves me so much time.

For most small business the relationship you have with your accountant is really, really important, and I think with anybody switching their accountant can feel quite hard to do.  It took me a few weeks before I actually picked up the phone… I’ll be completely honest I was really feeling guilty, but I’m really glad I made the decision.  I’ve very quickly built a relationship with my accountant at KPMG.   And actually the advice I’ve received from KPMG has already made me look at my new business start-up in a completely different light.

With KPMG as my accountants I feel so much more confident when I’m talking to investors.  And it’s really made a difference in the level of credibility that I’ve got with investors now, which is a magnitude of what it was 12 months ago.

KPMG Small Business Accounting service is incredibly flexible, firstly I have unlimited access to my accountant, and that person is there for me to help me grow my business; to answer any of my questions, and also just to make sure that I get what I need to get done, from a compliance perspective, on time.

I absolutely love having an app to take photographs of my receipts, it’s all done, I don’t have to bother with it, and I love having the KPMG online portal because that means I can log on like I log on to Facebook or Twitter, or whatever.  I log onto my KPMG online portal on a daily basis, I can see how much money is coming in, how much money is going out and it’s a degree of reassurance.  And also there’s the breadth of expertise, in the wider KPMG family, where I know that I’ve asked quite tricky questions about international trade; I’ve asked about digital products and actually I’ve always had someone come back with an answer pretty quickly.

So having that as a benefit has been phenomenal.

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