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Accountancy Opinion Exchange

KPMG Small Business Accounting commissioned independent research to gather views from businesses on their current accountant, what services they receive, which services they would like to receive, and what they currently pay. This report brings these views and experiences together to give you a bird’s eye view.

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What’s Your Business Finance Personality?

Business Finance Personality Quiz

Take our interactive quiz to find out what your business finance personality is and how you match up with over 1,000 small business owners we researched, and get a free report on your sector.

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#THINKBIGGER: #Smallbiz have you heard us on the radio yet? You can have a listen to our #accounting poem here:

7 hours ago

If you missed #TipTuesday then here it is reloaded for today as #WednesdayWisdom. Read the full guide for more info…

9 hours ago

#THINKBIGGER: Want to grow your #smallbiz in 2017? Looking to start your #scaleup journey? Our blog might help.

10 hours ago

Part 2 from @biveksharma_ & @BizAdvice_UK on spreading your wings and the right time to #grow your #smallbiz.