For your business to succeed, those ideal candidates must gel into a team that can bring your vision to life by creating a cohesive, cooperative working environment.
Below we examine some of the key aspects of building a successful team in more detail.

Articulate your dream

Get the foundations right by communicating your business outlook. This gives individuals the rationalised knowledge and subsequent belief in a common goal which in turn forms the first step to forging a knockout team.

Regular group meetings will give you a chance to involve your employees in a discussion about how your visions and values need to be applied week-in, week-out. These values must begin at the top; project a genuine, open, honest and motivated attitude and that’s what you’ll nurture.


Pride in product and service

Team engagement will be stronger if individuals feels good about what they deliver, so make sure you’re vocal about the pride you take in what you supply as a business.

The value team members get from their roles will depend how well they can do their jobs, so resist the urge to micromanage; focus instead on providing the right tools and training, and trust your employees to get on with what they were hired to do.

We all make mistakes, so if you get negative feedback then address it as a collective. This puts you in control of your team’s understanding, and lets you drive from the front regarding how you’re going to bounce back and make the most from experience.

Really shout about the positive feedback; gift-vouchers, team-building holidays and other non-financial rewards are a great way to boost healthy, intrinsic motivation which gets everyone in the right frame of mind.


A future-proof team

You should know by now that Millennials are the future of business; they represent a new breed of employee that’s a lot more focussed on building a healthy work / life balance.

Start embracing future working trends by getting more mobility into your small business. Through free online tools like Slack, your team can share files and discuss work through dedicated subject forums. This boosts collaboration and works whether employees are sitting side by side, or miles apart.


Virtual teams

A future-ready mindset will rely on your ability to build virtual teams into your business ecosystem.

While software is essential for this hosting, you also need to ensure that employees are given the training and tools they need in order to optimise new methods.

Think about hiring a tutor or organising formal guidance sessions for all staff members, not only to broaden skillsets but to educate about how virtual collaboration enriches the team in a wider context, and helps to accelerate productivity.


There’s a lot to think about, but remember you can’t do it all alone. Outsourcing is a great way of redistributing the work burden and lightening the load on staff shoulders.

For instance, outsourcing payroll will put your finances in the hands of experts, but at a fraction of the cost of a full-time accountant.

In the same spirit, automation software can deal with heavy administration that slows up productivity in departments that have to handle high volumes of repetitive work.

In both instances, shifting monotonous workload responsibilities helps your team to avoid potentially costly mistakes, while freeing up time and energy resources for the good of the organisation.

Keep your feet on the ground

Ultimately, the team you develop will mirror your own approach, so always consider your behaviours before you try to alter those of others.

Remain approachable, understanding and friendly at all times, exhibiting the people skills that you’ve relied upon throughout your business journey.

Most importantly, remember that this is a learning process for all involved, and recognise that every new member of your organisation will bring fresh perspectives, unique qualities and new opportunities.

This flexible mindset will be essential to helping you nurture performance momentum so that your business and its people grow in the healthiest way possible.

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