We commissioned an independent research firm to survey 200 small businesses as to their views on their current accountant, what services they receive, which services they would like to receive, and what they currently pay. The result was our Accountancy Opinion Exchange report.

Our infographic outlines some of the key findings from our research and how KPMG Small Business Accounting can help SMEs manage their finances more effectively.

Among some of the key points discovered in the research project we found:

  • Almost 1/3 of small businesses pay more than £5,000 a year on accountancy services
  • Small business owners want to change accountants but they fear it will be too much hassle to move
  • Small business owners believe that large accountancy firms are too expensive, however the average spend for those using a freelance accountant or high street accountancy firm is £3,097 a year. This is comparable to what they could pay for a small business arm of a national firm

Read the full Accountancy Opinion Exchange report to see the detailed findings from our research and to learn more on the current state of accounting services received by SMEs.

Click the image to view the infographic

KPMG_A4_Infographic LowRes 2


Accountancy Opinion Exchange

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