The SBA Bazaar is an offline and online marketplace that’s available exclusively to KPMG Small Business Accounting clients.

It gives them the opportunity to showcase their products and services to thousands of KPMG staff, which can bring additional sales.

Recently we held a Bazaar marketplace pop-up at our London HQ and welcomed a number of our small business clients.

The event underlined the importance of continually looking for new ways and places to sell. Milwaukee-born Steven Novick was one of our small business clients who attended. He’s the founder of London-based Farmstand, a healthy food business he started in January 2016.


Recipe for success

We’re a multi-format, multi-channel business. We have three main distribution channels: and as well as our Covent Garden flagship restaurant we sell via our corporate partnerships and online.

“We’re ambitious and constantly looking for new sales. As a business, you can’t stand still, you must constantly be trying to find new opportunities and channels.

Steven describes the KPMG Bazaar event as a “fantastic opportunity to raise your profile”, and meet potential partners and customers. “You never know who you’ll meet. I was talking to another business there about them making our staff uniforms” he smiles.


Tailor-made opportunities

Savile Row-trained tailor and KPMG Small Business client Alicya Sinclair, is the founder of luxury, women-only tailoring and corporate wear brand, Sinclair London. “The recent KPMG Bazaar event was fantastic. Our pop-up attracted a lot of interest and having the opportunity to speak to potential customers face to face is always great. I had lots of enquiries and soon hope to turn them into sales,” she says.

New businesses don’t normally have huge marketing budgets, so you must be creative,” she adds. “Collaborating with corporates is a new strategy we implemented early this year and it’s proven to be really effective in helping to raise our brand profile and attract new customers. It was great to meet KPMG employees, we’ve been able to access additional professional guidance, while also exchanging ideas with other small businesses.

Selling is something that Alicya has been doing most of her professional career in retail and tailoring, she says. “Obviously you must have an attractive product and price, but to succeed when selling you must truly understand what your customers want.

Listening carefully to the challenges they face can enable you to give them what they want, which is essential if you want to succeed in business. Pop-up events are a great way to meet and learn from potential customers.

Making the most of all good opportunities and networks that surround your business can make a big difference to your sales and really help to fuel your growth.

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