What business entity is best for your new company and what are the differences between them?

Coming up with a growth strategy can be tough – Where do you begin?

Finances are crucial to any business – what do your accounts tell you?

Our approach provides a flexible arrangement and bespoke approach to maximize the benefit of having a KPMG Mentor

  • Each mentoring relationship will be treated as a unique case. We adopt the same approach we take with our corporate clients
  • Our bespoke approach allows for the start-up/entrepreneur to focus the mentoring on specific areas of their business i.e. strategy, finance, growth, marketing etc.
  • Each start-up/entrepreneur will have access to two mentors with over 5+ experience in professional services
  • Up to three hours of direct one-to-one mentoring per month
  • All information shared within the mentoring relationship will be treated as confidential
  • With a six-month rolling contract, the start-up/entrepreneur has the flexibility to end or continue the mentoring
  • Flexible arrangements for mentoring – meetings can be held at KPMG HQ, Start-Up office or agreed location
  • Opportunity for start-up/entrepreneurs to work with a global professional services firm and gain access to consultants with a wide range of experience
  • Access to KPMGs start-up community
  • 100% free with no hidden costs
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