The franchise model is a powerful and effective growth strategy for a business. However, it can provide many challenges around tracking franchisee performance and maintaining the core brand qualities of your business.

Clear management information is integral to the success of any franchise. We look to empower franchisors, helping them to make more informed and effective decisions concerning their franchisees.

As part of this service you will receive the following:

  • Access to our online reporting dashboard – provides access to real-time information wherever and whenever required
  • Monthly P&L and Balance sheet variance analysis – this detailed analysis provides a transparent view of operating performance for each franchisee
  • Benchmarking capability across all franchisees – track performance of franchisees both across the franchise network and for each operating territory
  • Customised KPIs reporting – build KPIs relevant to your industry and business
  • Exception reporting against targets – allows for early identification of potential financial issues with franchisees
  • Ranking performance across all KPIs – identify better performing franchisees and establish the underlying reasons for success

In addition to the above, we will provide a dedicated account manager, who will manage the day to day relationship between the franchisor and KPMG. They will work with key stakeholders to continuously develop the management reporting so that it meets your needs as you grow the franchise network.