Contractor Stories: Tarun Dhillon

Tarun Dhillon, Management Consultant, tells us how the KPMG Small Business Accounting service has allowed him to focus on combatting strategic business challenges with his data analytics and visualisation platform.

Contractor Stories: Deven Nahar

Deven Nahar, Regulatory Country Strategist, tells us how the KPMG Small Business Accounting software and applications have helped keep his finances in order and up to date

Contractor Stories: Eduard Feicho

Eduard Feicho, Director at Computer Vision Nerds Ltd, lets us know about his consultation with KPMG accountants and how he gets frustrated at saying no to people.

Contractor Stories: Siri Tejani

Siri Tejani, Consultant for Liquidity Risk, tells us about her issues with bookkeeping how the KPMG name has given her confidence.