What does your business do?
We are a sales recruitment consultancy, who introduce sales specialists to a wide variety of businesses.


What was the trigger point for first enlisting KPMG Small Business Accounting’s help?
We’re too small to have an in-house accounting team, plus with the growth plans we have in mind we wanted an external team that we could count on to assist with the legal and compliance matters that we need to abide by as a business.


Why did you choose KPMG Small Business Accounting?
It goes without saying, that the brand is very well known. Most people, be it in a business or every day sense know who KPMG are, so it was the right decision for us. I had also heard of Xero and how impressive the software was, so their connection with KPMG Small Business Accounting made the proposition all the more attractive.


What benefits have you seen?
The contract we have is really simple. There’s a standard amount to pay each month and there haven’t been any surprises so far. Having a dedicated KPMG accountant also really helps. I’m no finance expert, so knowing who to call, and that there is a wealth of knowledge I can tap into if I have any questions is great. I now really understand what our profit and loss and balance sheet means, and how we can use that to grow the business.


In what way has the access to a dedicated KPMG accountant helped you?
I recall one scenario in particular, when I was thinking about attaching a car to the company. I wanted to know how it would affect my personal tax. When I asked my accountant how to go about this, he presented me with such useful insight, into not just how this would affect my business, but also how it would affect me personally. He made sure that I felt comfortable both as a client and as a person. That level of detail and service is extremely reassuring.


In what way(s) has KPMG Small Business Accounting added value to your business? 
The service has allowed me to leverage finance in a way I’ve not been able to before. By working with KPMG Small Business Accounting we have been able to give confidence to potential lenders that our books are accurate. From an operational perspective, the fact that I can be on a train back home looking at my business finances and reconciling receipts is so convenient. This allows me to keep on top of where I am and saves me time. It really feels like I have a fully functioning finance department.


What are your next steps with KPMG Small Business Accounting?
Short term it will be about compliance with HMRC, however we’d love to explore our growth options both nationally and internationally. 


What’s next for your business?
I would love to setup a hub in London and build a team of about 6-10 people there, so national growth for us is a key next step.


How has the reality of working with KPMG Small Business Accounting compared with your expectations?
When I was first told about the service I initially thought I wouldn’t be able to afford it. I also thought (after seeing the pricing structure) that we would get next to nothing in terms of service. In reality none of that is true. My accountants really understand what they’re doing and have taken time to get to know me and my business. I would urge people to move away from any preconceptions and give the service a try. It has worked wonders for me.


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