What does your business do?
Temple Knight Law is an innovative legal services provider offering commercial legal services to SMEs.


What was the trigger point for first enlisting KPMG Small Business Accounting’s help?
When establishing the business we carefully researched the market and quickly came to the view that KPMG’s Small Business Accounting was the service which best provided for our accounting needs.


Why did you choose KPMG Small Business Accounting?
KPMG offers a one stop accounting service which is easy and simple to manage, saving us both time and money. These are key qualities for a new business.


What benefits have you seen?
We have been really impressed by the personal and dedicated service which has been provided to us by our designated accountant. He has been very proactive in meeting our needs and providing valuable advice.


In what way has the access to a dedicated KPMG accountant helped you?
We have the benefits of a leading accountancy firm at a cost that we can manage. Having a fixed monthly fee also helps provide certainty and avoid unforeseen costs.


In what way(s) has KPMG Small Business Accounting added value to your business?
Using KPMG’s Small Business Accounting service has enabled us to concentrate our focus on developing the business, rather than spending precious time managing the accounting process.  Xero is simple to use and enables us at a glance to check sales, income, expenses and the performance of the business against targets.


What are your next steps with KPMG Small Business Accounting?
The service provided by KPMG has the flexibility to provide for the future needs of our business as we develop and grow.


What’s next for your business?
Over the next twelve months we will continue to grow our client base and expand our team.



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