Name, title & company name
Andrew Shepherd, CEO, Mid Group


In five words, tell us what your business does? 
Innovative construction and consulting solutions.


When did you know that you wanted to set up your own business and what made you finally take the plunge?
Two years ago the construction industry was coming out of recession and wasn’t responding to the challenges presented by clients. It seemed an ideal time to set up a construction business focused on meeting clients’ aspirations, which primarily means delivering projects on time, on budget and to a high quality. It was, however, incredibly difficult leaving a secure, challenging role that I enjoyed, which required a full family commitment.


What’s the best thing about your job? 
I’ve actually really enjoyed the breadth and depth of the challenges I’ve been presented with. These have made the last two years the greatest learning experience of my life.


And the worst? 
Time – I seem to have a lot less of it on my hands, which means I am constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently.


Why did you choose KPMG Small Business Accounting? 
In my previous role with an international construction business I had worked with KPMG across several projects. When they heard I was leaving they recommended the KPMG Small Business Accounting service and made the necessary introductions to the team.


How have KPMG Small Business Accounting and your dedicated KPMG accountant helped you?
KPMG Small Business Accounting have picked up several of the day to day tasks, such as payroll, and run them professionally and diligently. Having an entity like KPMG supporting me provides an element of reassurance that I don’t think I could find elsewhere.


What one thing do you think the Government could do to help small businesses? 
I’m broadly positive about running a business in the UK. I feel the Government is doing a lot to incentivise small businesses and reduce the red tape. However, in terms of the construction industry I have a somewhat different view. There is a big government led push for new housing, yet there seems to be less urgency to provide this. There also appears to be an inconsistent approach to delivering new infrastructure.


Who do you most admire in business? 
Anyone who has set up their own business! The tenacity required to see a new business through can never be understated.


If you could give one piece of advice to small business owners, what would it be?
I would advise them to go in with their eyes open. The business plan you start with on day one will be out of date by day two, so it’s important to be flexible.


What’s next for your business? 
We are currently growing and taking on new staff, which is a challenge in itself. We are also expanding overseas and working on a number of contracts in the Middle East.


If you hadn’t set up your company, what do you think you’d be doing instead? 
I would still be working for an international contractor on large infrastructure projects.


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