What does your business do?
We have four care homes and a domiciliary care service for the elderly in Cornwall. My parents started the business back in 1989, my mother having worked in the care industry for years. They decided that they wanted to have more control and provide better quality care. They have both since retired and the baton has been passed to me to continue on the family legacy.


What was the trigger point for first enlisting KPMG Small Business Accounting’s help?
Because of the nature of the business we’ve always had the need for an accountant, but my trigger point to enlist the help of KPMG Small Business Accounting was about 18 months ago. My dad has always said to me that your accountant should save you more money than they charge you. We needed an accountant with the expertise to help us ensure that we were making most efficient use of our money. We were looking for an accounting provider with knowledge on some of the more complex legal and business matters we were facing.


Why did you choose KPMG Small Business Accounting?
I was convinced that KPMG knew what they were talking about following a meeting with three other accounting firms and a discussion around some legal matters we were facing at the time. The depth of knowledge from the KPMG Small Business Accounting team really stood out and actually saved us a considerable amount of money. That and the fact the service is based on really sophisticated cloud accounting software made the choice so much easier.


What benefits have you seen?
The package provided by KPMG Small Business Accounting is holistic for me and covers everything I could wish for. I can use technology on the go and I don’t have to spend time travelling to meet my accountant. A service like this brings accountancy into the 21st century and really pays for itself.


In what way has the access to a dedicated KPMG accountant helped you?
It feels like a one to one relationship, but one that is backed up by the support of a large business. While my accountant is knowledgeable on almost all of my queries, they can also tap into other areas of the firm to answer any trickier questions.


In what way(s) has KPMG Small Business Accounting added value to your business?
My time is now more focused on running the business rather than being run by the business. I can see how cost effective we are and whether each department is making the money they should make. Though our sole purpose is providing care, as a business we also need to be profitable, and I can now have a clear view of where we are in that respect.


How has the reality of working with KPMG Small Business Accounting compared with your expectations?
Straight away you think KPMG is for larger companies. However having been a client for some time, now when we tell our bank that our accounts are done by KPMG it gives them great confidence in us.


What’s next for your business?
In the next 18 months we will be focused on cash flow consolidation and build up. My five year plan is to then grow and expand the business in the most tax efficient way with the help of my dedicated KPMG accountant.



Find out more about our service for care homes here

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