Graham Parker, CEO of Kontainers, is a proven shipping entrepreneur. He started his first freight company aged 22, going on to ship almost 100,000 containers with record revenue approaching $100 million, all before his 30th birthday.

Kontainers was born from his passion for making UK import and export more efficient, by using state of the art technologies. The business was founded in early 2015 and aims to revolutionise the current system of ocean freight forwarding, through Kontainers’ innovative software platform.

To help underpin the business, Parker needed to get the foundations absolutely right. He explains: “When I started the business, I had to find the right sales, operational and technical staff. All of this was challenging but in my opinion do-able. But the area I was absolutely petrified of was accounting! It’s not an area I’m familiar with and I suspect this is a common challenge amongst entrepreneurs.

Fortunately I was recommended KPMG’s Small Business Service. Their know-how and guidance combined with the slick cloud-based software from Xero, has proved to be really powerful.
We’re now saving at least two days a month that we otherwise would’ve had to spend on bookkeeping and admin. That’s 10% of the available working days that we’ve now freed up to spend on value-generating activities!

We started off with two invoices a week but now have lots going out daily, so the service has really helped us scale up without any growing pains.

And our dedicated accountant Laura, has been amazing. She really feels like part of my team and is an additional, valuable resource to our in-house financial person. This is really helping support our business growth.

We’re speaking to Laura on a frequent basis (almost every day!). But we also have regular calls at month end – KPMG push us to ensure these happen, and on the calls they highlight any areas we need to pay attention to and make recommendations. This really helps to keep our business on a firm financial footing.

We’re an innovative technology firm and we really admire the way KPMG have transitioned to meet the needs of small businesses. They’ve played a key part in helping support our growth. We only launched the business six months ago, but have recently raised £1m in funding. KPMG really helped us do the due diligence around the funding cycle, which can be arduous for any business. But they know what they’re doing and saved us a great deal of time.

We believe we’ve got a really bright future ahead of ourselves as business. Having KPMG as our accountants gives us the confidence that we’ve got a really solid platform to build on.”

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