Tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Tarun Dhillon and I’m a Management Consultant at Dhillon & Putt Limited.


When did you know that you wanted to become a contractor and what made you finally take the plunge? I’ve always wanted the autonomy that comes with being able to select when I work and what I work on, as a way of transitioning into running my own fully fledged business.


What do you enjoy most about being a contractor?  I really love the independence I get as a contractor. It’s nice to be able to work on set projects as I build my knowledge and expertise within the field. The flexibility has enabled me to build a data analytics and visualisation platform, to help combat strategic business challenges.


What were the typical challenges that you faced managing your finances as a contractor? In the beginning I really had no idea where to start. My main challenge at that time was around deciding how best to setup my company from a financial perspective.


Why did you choose KPMG Small Business Accounting? I did some research and looked at a number of other companies, all offering a similar service, but not as tailored for small businesses in my opinion. When I looked at the elements included in the KPMG Small Business Accounting service, I knew that it would offer me the basic level of accounting support I was after, with the added value of fantastic software and the firm’s reputation.


How have KPMG Small Business Accounting and your dedicated KPMG accountant helped you? i.e. what benefits have you seen? I’ve found that I’m definitely less worried about the state of my business finances. My accountant is always prepared for any question I ask, which gives me the reassurance that I’m dealing with an expert. I’d say we have a great working relationship.


If you could give one piece of advice to anyone looking to become a contractor, what would it be?  I’d say, do not underestimate the amount of time and effort required to get setup as a contractor. These are things that can really impact your bottom line if not done in the best way for your business.


How has the reality of working with KPMG compared with your expectations?  From an accounting perspective the service has exceeded my expectations. Any challenges I’ve faced along the way have been fixed promptly, which I can imagine for a firm as large as KPMG, is not as straightforward.


What are your next steps with KPMG Small Business Accounting?  As I scale up, I see my accountant developing an even deeper understanding of my business and my growth plans. Over the next few years, I am ideally looking to expand my client portfolio and hire more employees.


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