Siri Tejani

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Siri Tejani and I work as a consultant for liquidity risk.


What do you enjoy most about being a contractor? 
I really enjoy the flexibility. My contracts tend to run from 6 months to a year, my longest being my current position, which I’ve been in for about two years. This suits me perfectly and allows me to constantly be working on new projects, remain productive and balance work with everyday life. I also find you get the unique opportunity when you’re between contracts to pursue other interests you may have such as travel or learning new skills.


What are the typical challenges that you face managing your finances as a contractor?
I’ve always felt as though I could be more financially savvy. Bookkeeping is something I find particularly tough as I don’t always have the time to ensure I’m keeping track of my expenses and income. This makes it quite difficult to understand where I stand financially.


What was the trigger point that led you to decide you wanted to enlist the help of an accountant?
I’ve always had an accountant, right from when I first set up my limited company. My work takes up so much of my day, so I wanted to remove the burden of essentially running the financial side of the business, so I can focus on getting the day job done. Furthermore, as I frequently work quite late, enlisting the help of an accountant meant that I could have my evenings to myself.


Why did you choose KPMG Small Business Accounting?
The brand name that KPMG holds definitely played a big part in my decision. Being able to submit my returns with a reputable name on them definitely fills me with confidence.


What benefits have you seen?
The real benefit of the service is having access to my own dedicated KPMG accountant. Despite mostly communicating over the phone, we’ve been able to establish a great rapport. Whenever I run into a problem or have a query, it’s nice to know that all I need to do is send an email or pick up the phone for help.


In what way(s) has KPMG Small Business Accounting added value to you as a contractor?
Being able to use great tools as part of the KPMG Small Business Accounting service really does make all the difference. I’ve found Xero and Receipt Bank to be very easy to use. Receipt Bank, in particular, makes bookkeeping so much easier for me. Now, I don’t worry about it until quarter end, when my accountant sends me a summary of all my transactions. Xero provides me with an accurate picture of my finances and also allows me to see how my spending is changing over time.


How has the reality of working with KPMG Small Business Accounting compared with your expectations?
Prior to working with KPMG Small Business Accounting I wasn’t sure how tailored the service could be for individuals/contractors like myself, and how much support I could get with day-to-day tasks such as bookkeeping. Over time, my expectations have certainly been exceeded and I’m now at a stage where I completely trust my accountant. Furthermore my expectation versus the reality of the wider KPMG Small Business Accounting team e.g. Sales, Marketing has been really positive – I’ve found them to be a very fun, dynamic and ambitious group of people, always keen to engage with their clients and looking to improve and grow their business.


What are your next steps with KPMG Small Business Accounting?
I’m working with my accountant to get a better understanding of what’s on the horizon, map key financial deadlines and automate the process even more. I’m also continuing to learn about exactly what I can expense, which is extremely useful and helps me maximise my take home pay. Looking ahead, with the new regulations surrounding auto-enrolment now coming into force, I will definitely be having discussions around pensions with my accountant and seeing how they can assist.


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