Eduard Feicho

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
My name is Eduard Feicho and I’m a Director at Computer Vision Nerds Ltd.


What prompted the decision for you to begin contracting?
Computer Vision is a relatively new discipline that requires niche expert skills that are applied in various domains. In my experience a lot of expertise is concentrated in corporate R&D, so small to medium size businesses struggle to find the right talent. As contractors we’re bridging a gap, providing on-demand knowledge and a flexible schedule to accommodate for different business needs in the lifecycle of an early stage startup.


What do you enjoy most about being a contractor? 
I don’t have to say yes to every project, if I’m not convinced it’s the right approach to actually solve the problem. I say no to a lot of people, which can be frustrating. But I’m not going to waste anyone’s time and money.


What are the typical challenges that you face managing your finances as a contractor?
My business is set up to be quite lean, so I don’t find managing finances the hardest challenge. However, I do consult with KPMG Small Business Accounting on a regular basis on all general accounting queries I have and I always get prompt response.


What was the trigger point that led you to decide you wanted to enlist the help of an accountant?
I think an accounting service pays for itself quite quickly, but also saves a lot of time, which is why I originally wanted to enlist the help of an accountant.


Why did you choose KPMG Small Business Accounting?
KPMG Small Business Accounting was recommended to me by a business partner, who was frustrated with other private accountants, who had a cheap basic accounting service, but charged extra when detailed questions arose. So far, I get all the service I need in a single package with a fixed cost.


What benefits have you seen?
My accountant has always been quick and on the spot with responding to the many questions I had at the beginning and during the first year. I have always received a very professional service even if I asked the same question two or three times, just for clarity. I am very happy with the service so far.


How has the reality of working with KPMG Small Business Accounting compared with your expectations?
I didn’t have many expectations since KPMG Small Business Accounting are the first accounting service I’ve used. I was hoping I would get an accountant that I could ask any question any time and this is pretty much what I got. I sometimes feel a bit silly for being treated so professionally. As a startup I’d be fine saying: “Hey man, can you check those numbers please?” But KPMG Small Business Accounting is a professional service, so my accountant always maintains the correct business etiquette and I’m happy about that, too.


What are your next steps with KPMG Small Business Accounting?
I am looking forward to more networking events. I believe KPMG Small Business Accounting is connected to a great number of interesting business partners and can play a key role in successfully matching businesses.

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