Corporate Photographer London

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Adam Melnik and my primary client is Vedanta Resources plc. Vedanta Resources is India’s largest diversified natural resources company and it is well positioned to enable and capitalise on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s economic growth strategy for the country. I work in strategy and corporate development within the Chairman’s Office in a management consulting capacity. I identify areas to enhance the operating performance and productivity of the business and plan for future growth.


What prompted the decision for you to begin contracting?

When I left my previous role in investment banking, I was seeking greater control and flexibility over my work life balance. I also wanted the ability to work for multiple clients and to take on a variety of interesting projects within the natural resources industry and contracting affords me the opportunity to do this.


What do you enjoy most about being a contractor? 

I enjoy learning something new and applying my skillset to new problems every day. I have also found that through contracting I have met several inspiring leaders within industry that I may not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet.


What were the typical challenges that you faced managing your finances as a contractor?

Working in multiple offices, it can prove challenging to maintain a paper trail. Managing expenses, invoices, and taxes digitally is the way of the future. With Xero and ReceiptBank I can monitor my accounts in near real-time and remove unnecessary friction in managing the company’s finances. I have found this flexibility liberating and embrace it wholeheartedly.


What was the trigger point that led you to decide you wanted to enlist the help of an accountant?

I made an attempt to manage the company’s finances myself however, being Canadian, I wasn’t familiar with UK corporate taxation and I was concerned that I might inadvertently overlook important rules and regulations. I elected to employ the use of an accountant in order to help avoid any issues down the line.


Why did you choose KPMG Small Business Accounting?

I wanted to work with an accounting firm that had a strong standing, particularly the natural resources industry. For this reason, I decided to start with one of the ’Big Four’ from the beginning rather than transition from a smaller private accountant when the business scaled up.


What benefits have you seen? 

KPMG as a whole is a very large organisation but my accountants have made it feel like I’m working with a very approachable small business, much like my own. My accountants have been instrumental in helping me understand UK corporate taxation law, register an office, and assisted with my UK Visa application, which was a step above the call of duty.


In what way(s) has KPMG Small Business Accounting added value to you? 

From Had I been managing the accounts myself without formal consultation, I may not have foreseen methods to help optimise my personal income in the way that my accountants have. Having the support of KPMG Small Business Accounting enabled me to file the company’s accounts in record time to support my UK Visa application, which proved extremely valuable to me and my family.


How has the reality of working with KPMG Small Business Accounting compared with your expectations? 

My expectations have definitely been exceeded. Conventionally, I spoke with an accountant at the end of every year to support the filing of accounts and complete tax returns in Canada. As a client of KPMG Small Business Accounting, I have leveraged the knowledge and experience of my accountants on multiple occasions for guidance throughout the year. We have a great working relationship and I receive a fantastic level of support.


What are your next steps with KPMG Small Business Accounting?

While my business needs will remain largely unchanged, I would like to return the favour to KPMG Small Business Accounting in gratitude for everything my accountants have supported me with. I have four or five colleagues who I’m sure I could recommend the service to and could hopefully also benefit from the same exemplary level of service I have been receiving.


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