Small Business Stories: Ustwo

We talk to Paul McMahon, Chief Financial Officer at Ustwo about working in the creative sector and how to find the right balance between financial control and enabling growth. We also discuss how he is using the KPMG Small Business Accounting service.

Small Business Stories: Okappy

We talk to Gerry So, Director at Okappy about her plans to grow her business through fundraising and build a B2B communications platform which re-thinks how companies in the service sector manage their day-to-day work.

Small Business Stories: The Sandpit

We talk to Richard Baggarley, Head of Finance at The Sandpit about how a strong eye for detail and commercial perspective has helped him manage the business finances.

Small Business Stories: HR Solutions

We talk to Greg Guilford, CEO at HR Solutions about their outsourced HR retainer service for small businesses. We also uncover why he chose KPMG Small Business Accounting and how it has allowed him to manage his accounts on the go and save time.

Small Business Stories: ThanksBox

We talk to Luke Fisher, CEO at ThanksBox about his vision to transform the way organisations listen to, and engage their people. We also find out how KPMG Small Business Accounting has helped him to streamline his internal financial admin processes.

Small Business Stories: Mayflower Care Limited

We talk to David Duncan, Finance Director at Mayflower Care Limited about their plans to grow their group of premium care homes and how they've benefitted from the experience of their dedicated accountant and economies of scale of the KPMG Small Business Accounting service.

Small Business Stories: Buildupp

We talk to Harry Molyneux, CEO and Founder of Buildupp about his plans to initiate a culture shift in the construction industry and build an online community and B2B marketplace for construction industry products and services.

Small Business Stories: Snap Fitness

We talk to Snap Fitness about how the reporting and analytics from KPMG Small Business Accounting is assisting with important management decisions for their gym franchise.

Small Business Stories: Butikku

Butikku, a high-end Japanese clothing retailer discuss their plans to grow into a full lifestyle offering and how KPMG Small Business Accounting is providing them with import and export support as well as preparing their accounts for future fundraising.

Small Business Stories: Water Quality London

Water Quality London's Nick Hill tells us about discovering KPMG Small Business Accounting in a newspaper and his appreciation for software based accounting.

Small Business Stories: Teach Tennis International

The Founders of Teach Tennis International tell us about their aspirations for global online launch and tenacity needed to succeed as a business owner.

Small Business Stories: Marijak Limited

Jayesh Patel, Managing Director at Marijak Limited explains how our service has given him his time back and is helping with restructuring his business.

Small Business Stories: Beauchamps of London

We speak to Beauchamps of London Founder, Alex Fagan, about her career, business and admiration for Victoria Beckham,