Small Business Stories: Wallgarden

We talk to Nadine Charlton, Founder and Director of Wallgarden Limited, about how she loves creating magical experiences for children and getting more kids to play outdoors. We also discuss how she is using the KPMG Small Business Accounting service to help manage her finances while she promotes her business.

Video: What would your ideal accounting service give you?

Have you ever wondered what a modern accounting service looks like? And what benefits it could have for your business?

Watch our video and see how KPMG Small Business Accounting could help your business think bigger!

Small Business Stories: 40 St. Pauls

We talk to Aman Johal, Founder of 40 St. Pauls, about his background, his love for bar tending and his premium range of tonic water. We also discuss how he is using the KPMG Small Business Accounting service and about his close relationship with his dedicated accountant.

Small Business Stories: Ustwo

We talk to Paul McMahon, Chief Financial Officer at Ustwo about working in the creative sector and how to find the right balance between financial control and enabling growth. We also discuss how he is using the KPMG Small Business Accounting service to ensure Ustwo have a sustainable business model that is cash positive.

Small Business Stories: Okappy

We talk to Gerry So, Director at Okappy about her plans to grow her business through fundraising and build a B2B communications platform which re-thinks how companies in the service sector manage their day-to-day work.

Small Business Stories: The Sandpit

We talk to Richard Baggarley, Head of Finance at The Sandpit about how a strong eye for detail and commercial perspective has helped him manage the business finances.

Small Business Stories: HR Solutions

We talk to Greg Guilford, CEO at HR Solutions about their outsourced HR retainer service for small businesses. We also uncover why he chose KPMG Small Business Accounting and how it has allowed him to manage his accounts on the go and save time.

Small Business Stories: Trussle

We talk to Ishaan Malhi, CEO at Trussle about how the company secretarial service provided by KPMG Small Business Accounting has helped to make his life easier, as he changes the way people find, secure and manage their mortgages.

Small Business Stories: Sinclair London

We talk to Alicya Sinclair, Founder & Creative Director of Sinclair London about her plans to bring Savile Row to womens work wear, and how the KPMG Small Business Accounting service is helping her business remain compliant.

Small Business Stories: Squirrel

We talk to Emanuel Andjelic, Chairman at Squirrel about how he is using the KPMG Small Business Accounting and company secretarial service to help him keep on top of all the necessary paperwork involved with running a growing technology business.

Small Business Stories: ThanksBox

We talk to Luke Fisher, CEO at ThanksBox about his vision to transform the way organisations listen to, and engage their people. We also find out how KPMG Small Business Accounting has helped him to streamline his internal financial admin processes.

Small Business Stories: Mayflower Care Limited

We talk to David Duncan, Finance Director at Mayflower Care Limited about their plans to grow their group of premium care homes and how they've benefitted from the experience of their dedicated accountant and economies of scale of the KPMG Small Business Accounting service.

Small Business Stories: Under The Willow

We talk to Mary Haynes, owner of Under the Willow day nursery about how the KPMG Small Business Accounting service is providing her with the support she needs to stay on top of nursery finances and focus her attention on recruitment and retention.

Small Business Stories: Buildupp

We talk to Harry Molyneux, CEO and Founder of Buildupp about his plans to initiate a culture shift in the construction industry and build an online community and B2B marketplace for construction industry products and services.

Small Business Stories: W1 Squared

We talk to W1 Squared about how they're interrogating their financial data to help make strategic business decisions and scale up. All with the help of KPMG Small Business Accounting.

Small Business Stories: Safari Kid UK Ltd

We talk to Safari Kid UK Ltd about how the KPMG Small Business Accounting service matched their trajectory for growth and discuss their plans transition from a small to medium sized business.

Butikku Client Story Video

Butikku owner Kevin House returns to discuss how his high-end Japanese clothing company was started, the perks of working for himself and how KPMG Small Business Accounting is providing them with support in to aid the company's plans to grow into a full lifestyle offering.

KPMG Small Business Accounting Mission Video

KPMG Small Business Accounting Mission- Every journey begins with a single step. Watch our video and hear from other small business owners about how you can join the small business revolution and access the accounting support you truly deserve.

Small Business Stories: NYLON Marketing

We talk to NYLON Marketing about how the KPMG Small Business Accounting service has given them clarity around VAT, the value of business assets and how to forecast accurately using the cloud accounting software.

Small Business Stories: MTC Marketing Research Solutions

We talk to MTC Marketing Research Solutions about how having access to advice around how to structure their business effectively, through the KPMG Small Business Accounting service has given them peace of mind.

Small Business Stories: Snap Fitness

We talk to Snap Fitness about how the reporting and analytics from KPMG Small Business Accounting is assisting with important management decisions for their gym franchise.

Small Business Stories: Geo-Environmental Services

We talk to Geo-Environmental Services about how they're using the KPMG Small Business Accounting service to get a firmer handle on the financial management of their business and fiscal policies.

Small Business Stories: Butikku

Butikku, a high-end Japanese clothing retailer discuss their plans to grow into a full lifestyle offering and how KPMG Small Business Accounting is providing them with import and export support as well as preparing their accounts for future fundraising.

Small Business Stories: Holland Park Education

Jake Hall from Holland Park Education tells us about how he gets peace of mind from working with KPMG and how his love for a challenge could have lead him to be in the army.

Small Business Stories: Green Facilities Management

Green Facilities Management shares how they have been able to move to a paperless office and save time by electronically processing bills, with the help of KPMG Small Business Accounting.

Small Business Stories: Pie Mapping

Pie Mapping share how using the KPMG Small Business Accounting service has enabled them to look more professional when sharing their financial information with third parties.

Contractor Stories: Tarun Dhillon

Tarun Dhillon, Management Consultant, tells us how the KPMG Small Business Accounting service has allowed him to focus on combatting strategic business challenges with his data analytics and visualisation platform.

Small Business Stories: Mid Group

Mid Group share their experience of setting up a construction business post recession and discuss how the KPMG Small Business Accounting service is assisting them with payroll and other crucial business administration tasks.

Contractor Stories: Deven Nahar

Deven Nahar, Regulatory Country Strategist, tells us how the KPMG Small Business Accounting software and applications have helped keep his finances in order and up to date

Small Business Stories: L&P Difford LLP

L&P Difford LLP discuss how KPMG Small Business Accounting is helping them to see how cost effective their care homes are.

Small Business Stories: Pathfynder

Immigration Law specialists Pathfynder talk about their appreciation for our cloud based accounting service and their business.

Small Business Stories: Water Quality London

Water Quality London's Nick Hill tells us about discovering KPMG Small Business Accounting in a newspaper and his appreciation for software based accounting.

Small Business Stories: Teach Tennis International

The Founders of Teach Tennis International tell us about their aspirations for global online launch and tenacity needed to succeed as a business owner.

Small Business Stories: Bonfire Recruitment

Bonfire Recruitment talk about how KPMG Small Business Accounting are perfect to support the vision for their business.

Contractor Stories: Eduard Feicho

Eduard Feicho, Director at Computer Vision Nerds Ltd, lets us know about his consultation with KPMG accountants and how he gets frustrated at saying no to people.


SalonMotion essentially provide a complete platform which self manages scheduling and booking of beauty and wellbeing services by employees at no cost to the corporate client.

Small Business Stories: YAWN

Managing Director, Alice Whiteley, tells us about working at McKinsey and how that experience helped her setup nightwear business YAWN.

Small Business Stories: Wolffe Design

Andrew Wolffe, founder of Wolffe tells us about his dislike for red tape and his view on how to treat customers and clients

Contractor Stories: Siri Tejani

Siri Tejani, Consultant for Liquidity Risk, tells us about her issues with bookkeeping how the KPMG name has given her confidence.

Small Business Stories: Marijak Limited

Jayesh Patel, Managing Director at Marijak Limited explains how our service has given him his time back and is helping with restructuring his business.

Small Business Stories: Farmstand

Founder, Steven Novick tells us about growing up in Milwaukee and how cancer recovery inspired his business Farmstand.

Small Business Stories: Temple Knight Law

Temple Knight Law tell us how easy to use Xero has been for their firm and their plans for expansion.

Small Business Stories: Alchemy Digital

Managing Partner at Alchemy Digital, Will Morris, explains his love for surfing and his passion for digital solutions.

Small Business Stories: LDN Group

We speak to LDN Group Chief Executive, Simon Bozzoli about coming from an entrepreneurial family and having his father as a mentor.

Small Business Stories: Tindall Perry Partnership

Director of Tindall Perry Partnership, Leyla Tindall, speaks to us about her dislike for admin and her belief in trusting your instincts.

Small Business Stories: Beauchamps of London

We speak to Beauchamps of London Founder, Alex Fagan, about her career, business and admiration for Victoria Beckham,

Small Business Stories: Hope Place

Bivek Sharma asks Director, Dawn H Jones nine questions about her career and her small business, Hope Place.

A comparison site which users can compare and purchase a wide range of official corporate…

LDN Group

The LDN Group helps young people from the ages of 11-23, preparing and readying…


An online resource to connect peers and provide understanding about food allergies and safer…

Love Me Beauty

Love Me Beauty connects consumers with luxury and emerging beauty brands, allowing them to indulge in an online personal shopping experience.

Tindall Perry Partnership

Tindall Perry Partnership is a specialist recruitment firm providing high calibre executive and finance candidates to businesses throughout North-West England.

Developing Talent

Developing Talent teaches line managers in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) how to interview prospective employees more scientifically.

IPEX Consulting

IPEX Consulting specialises in rolling stock engineering, depot strategy, fleet maintenance and operations. Also offering guidance on specification designing and business cases for new train operations.

Block Wearables

Block Wearables is the company responsible for taking the world’s first modular smartwatch to market.

Hope Place

Hope Place provides socially-excluded members of the community with the same training and personal development opportunities as those employed by large organisations

Snappy Snaps

Innovators in the photographic industry producing quality prints.

Alchemy Digital

Alchemy Digital is a London-based web and digital design agency.


A business aiming to revolutionise the current system of ocean freight forwarding, through an innovative software platform.

Beauchamps of London

A luxury leather brand founded by designer Alex Fagan which creates luxury leather goods.


Innovative crowdfunding platform bridging finance and property with new buy-to-let investment route.

Voyage & Soap

A yoga inspired business, making health and wellness more accessible to more people.