Why is KPMG offering services to small businesses?

We believe that small businesses could be getting so much more from their accountants.

We’ve harnessed the ability of cloud-based software to speed up accounting and help clients get a true picture of how their business is performing. Wrapped around that, we’re offering our experience, credibility and wider network, to help them focus on what they need to grow.

Who is the service right for?

Any business, from start-up through to 50 employees.

Will my accountant understand my business?

Yes – all our accountants are based in our London, Glasgow and Birmingham offices. And they’ve all been selected for their knowledge of how small businesses work, so they can help you head off challenges before they arise, and also help you spot opportunities.

They each have sector-specific experience too. We always seek to match our clients with an accountant who knows the ins and outs of their industry.

Why don’t you offer face-to-face meetings with your accountants?

We believe that the most useful and valuable service we can offer is giving our clients access to our dedicated accountants by phone. Small businesses need to be agile in the way they operate, and regular phone access fits this best. By offering phone access and cloud-based accounting software, we’re also able to offer highly competitive rates to our clients.

What types of business are using the service?

Thousands of start-ups and small businesses are already seeing the benefits of using our service, and we have clients in many different industries. The ‘client stories’ page on this site will tell you more.

How easy is it to switch if I have an existing accountant?

It’s simple. All you need to do is give us their name: we’ll then speak to them, advise them of the change, and manage the transition. We follow a tried-and-tested approach, keeping you informed at every step.

Typically, we can move you over to our software platform, and start providing services to you within 10 days.

Can I afford it?

Our packages are both priced extremely competitively.

We charge on a monthly, fixed-fee basis, so you’ll always know what you’ll be paying, and that there will be no surprises at year-end. With 30 days’ notice, our contracts also give you the flexibility to move accountant at any point.